Ken & Marie McNabb

Curtis McNeil, Goderich, ON - "Our barn is naturally ventilated with 14 ft sidewalls and put the MaxAir curtain in - we're really happy with it. There are 32 fans in the barn and four in the holding area. The coolest place on our farm is in the barn. On the hottest day of the year last year, the bulk tank dropped 40 litres, that was it."

Ken & Marie McNabb

Ken & Marie McNabb, New Hamburg, ON - "We have had Faromor products on our buildings for years and haven't had any repairs. With the new Robot barn project, it was really great to purchase all our ventilation needs from ONE supplier... MaxAir Curtains, Chimneys, Vented Windows and HVLS fans. Really like the simplicity of talking to one supplier about all our ventilation needs, and a local company too!"

Ed Bloetjes in front of MaxAir Curtain

Ed Bloetjes, Dorchester, ON - "I chose Faromor based on the quality of the product. I much prefer the larger sidewall opening and pipe drive system. It eliminated the need for cables and pulleys and was just a cleaner, easier system" - in regards to his new MaxAir Curtain System.

Kevin & Kristi Beurermann, Kevcrest Holsteins

Kevin & Kristi Beuermann, Kevcrest Holsteins, Mitchell, ON - "Faromor's after sales service was second to none - they wanted to ensure customer satisfaction and product performance. The one piece, full sidewall curtain has been really nice and provided maximum airflow for my cattle... I'm really pleased with the product."

Jack Danen and family

Jack Danen and Family, Tavistock, ON - "Dealing with a local and familiar company, I really appreciate a fully automated curtain that allows my cows maximum air flow without the restrictions and extra labour of a split curtain."

Graham Johnston & Family, Joseph & Mary Ann Dore, Heritage Hill Farms

Graham Johnston & Family, Joseph & Mary Ann Dore, Heritage Hill Farms, New Dundee, ON - "Faromor's customer service, aftermarket service and warranty are second to none. The sales staff and service staff have taken very good care of us. Service issues are always dealt with promptly and parts are always readily available. They take great pride in the quality of their products and service, and it shows."

John Werry family in front of dairy barn

John Werry, Oshawa, ON - "Faromor was the logical choice for our Ventilation needs during our new build planning. Their quality system, as well as their commitment to product performance and customer satisfaction has been well demonstrated to us in the past. Easily our long-term ventilation partner."

Ringelberg family in front of dairy barn

Jake & Janet Ringelberg, Troy, ON - "Our Faromor Clear Vu Panels have been great at stabilizing the optimal environment in our dairy barn! Lots of light combined with fresh air and the temperature that we desire make the system easy to use. We had to replace a clear vu panel ourselves (that an animal broke) and the process was surprisingly quite easy for the two of us to do on our own!"

Chris Tegenbosch with heifers

Chris Tegenbosch, Atwood, ON - "In my opinion, natural ventilation is the ONLY way to ventilate a barn. It's a very effective way to raise heifers."

Donkerdale Farms in calf barn

Donkerdale Farms, Branchton, ON - "We are extremely happy with the growth and health of our heifers. Naturally ventilating the barn provides an ideal environment for optimal growth."

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