Swine Industry Ventilation

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Curtain Systems
Insulated Curtain for Poultry Housing

Insulated Curtain - These curtains are fabricated using seven layers of non-quilted fabric. The outer layer is a UV stable, 9.5oz white vinyl followed with a 4.5oz vapour barrier, 5 layers of non-woven insulating material, a second 4.5oz polythylene interior. Estimated R=3.0 insulation value.


The Faromor Insulated Curtain allows for initial air entry high on the side wall and reduces draft on the birds. It is available in heights from 2' - 8' with a variety of wind protection systems, and can be operated manually or automatically.

Ridge Systems
FRP Chimney

FRP Chimney - Higher air exit velocity of the chimney, achieved with less ridge opening, result in more equal air exchange thoughout the structure. 


The FRP Chimney is available in three sizes - 24", 30", and 36" - and has a fully insulated duct section. The large 60" x 60" FRP Chimney's plastic molded roof is the largest in the industry and allows for large coverage to reduce rain and snow entry into the chimney. It can be peak or slope mounted. If dampers are used, they can be joined together in a series and operate either manually or automatically.

Panel Systems
VIP Panel for Poultry

VIP Panel (VIP) - Faromor VIP Panels are constructed from 1-1/2" polystyrene with white embossed fibreglass skins and capped with PVC channels. These insulated wall panels are used in those applications where heat loss and freezing concerns outweigh the benefits of natural light. Should natural light still be desired these panels can be equipped with fixed thermal insert windows.


The VIP Panel operates vertically as a moveable ventilation wall for hog barns. These panels permit non-interrupted side wall openings, and can be operated manually or automatically.

SolarVu Panel

SolarVu Panel - Fabricated from aluminum, these panels are light weight and offer a high quality appearance. The panel tracking system ensures a smooth vertical 'open & close' operation over relatively large uninterrupted openings.


Faromor SolarVu Panels come in heights from 24" - 72", and are popular in dairy facilities, especially in parlours, holding areas and calf barns. They can be operated manually or automatically.

Swine Equipment
exhaust fan

Exhaust Fans - When designing a proper ventilation system you want to transition from minimum to maximum ventilation as smoothly as possible. The 72" exhaust fan, with optional Variable Frequency Drive, goes from 10,000 CFM to 65,000 CFM, making it the most versatile fan in the market.


Exhaust fans are ideal for tunnel or exhaust ventilation in swine facilities.

Hotraco Control System

Control Systems - Management and communication computers can be connected in a network and that makes it possible to exchange all relevant departmental data and optimize central controls.


This will enable you to create logs and graphs of any parameter you want, such as temperature, ventilation and humidity, and this will allow you to manage and control the technical results even more effectively.

Backdraft Damper

Dampers - Motorized and non-motorized backdraft dampers are available. They are sturdily constructed from all-aluminum extrusions, and have roll form blades or extruded aluminum blades.


They are available in any combination of width and height.

Continuous Air Inlet

Inlets - Continuous Air Inlets offer better overall product performance. They are available in white or black FRP shell with black extrusion, and come in 8", 12", 16" and 24" widths.


The Aim Boards (pictured) have a continuous flexible extruded hinge to prevent cold air leakage. They are laminated for strength and durability, and are UV protected for outdoor use.  Also, easy to clean with high pressure washer.

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