Poultry Industry Ventilation

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Curtain Systems
Insulated Curtain for Poultry Housing

Insulated Curtain - These curtains are fabricated using seven layers of non-quilted fabric. The outer layer is a UV stable, 9.5oz white vinyl followed with a 4.5oz vapour barrier, 5 layers of non-woven insulating material, a second 4.5oz polythylene interior. Estimated R=3.0 insulation value.


The Faromor Insulated Curtain allows for initial air entry high on the side wall and reduces draft on the birds. It is available in heights from 2' - 8' with a variety of wind protection systems, and can be operated manually or automatically.

Lift Up Curtain

Lift Up Curtain (LUC) - These curtains are permanently mounted at the top and are lowered via stainless lift cables that pass through grommet tabs which are attached to horizontal pipes running the length of the curtain every 24". This ensures the curtain folds neatly as it is moved into the fully raised position.


The LUC allows for custom sizes with a choice of material (18oz vinyl or 7oz fabrene), and wide variety of colours. It is a popular choice for commodity sheds for both wind and bird control.

Ridge Systems
FRP Chimney

FRP Chimney - Higher air exit velocity of the chimney, achieved with less ridge opening, result in more equal air exchange thoughout the structure. 


The FRP Chimney is available in three sizes - 24", 30", and 36" - and has a fully insulated duct section. The large 60" x 60" FRP Chimney's plastic molded roof is the largest in the industry and allows for large coverage to reduce rain and snow entry into the chimney. It can be peak or slope mounted. If dampers are used, they can be joined together in a series and operate either manually or automatically.

Panel Systems
VIP Panel for Poultry

VIP Panel (VIP) - Faromor VIP Panels are constructed from 1-1/2" polystyrene with white embossed fibreglass skins and capped with PVC channels. These insulated wall panels are used in those applications where heat loss and freezing concerns outweigh the benefits of natural light. Should natural light still be desired these panels can be equipped with fixed thermal insert windows.


The VIP Panel operates vertically as a moveable ventilation wall for poultry barns. These panels permit non-interrupted side wall openings, and can be operated manually or automatically.

Hinged Wall Panel

Hinged Wall Panel (HWP) - Faromor Hinged Wall Panel is a rigid insulated panel which has a top hinge design with a PVC cap that provides a continuous draft seal and excellent weather protection. This panel is ideal for tunnel ventilation inlets.


The Hinged Wall Panel is available in various heights, which operate by curved aluminum racks and allow for maximum interior clearance while panel is operating. These panels can be operated manually, or automatically with new or existing control system.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans - When designing a proper ventilation system you want to transition from minimum to maximum ventilation as smoothly as possible. The 12" - 36" exhaust fans, are balanced with 3 paddle blades and have corrosion resistant base mounts. These fans are very energy efficient.


Exhaust fans are ideal for tunnel or exhaust ventilation in poultry facilities.

Poultry Equipment
Poultry Feeder Systems

Feeder Systems - Faromor can provide poultry feeding and products for all bird sizes, ages and applications, ensuring performance you can count on through every stage of life.


Whether it's pan, chick, or chain feeders, or poultry feed bins and fill systems, Faromor can supply the products best suited for your application.

Poultry Drinker Systems

Drinker Systems - Faromor can offer many options that allow you to select the drinker that best fits your needs.


Breeder Drinkers, Roaster or Quencher Nipples, Faromor can supply the right line of Floor Drinkers for your operation. Our suppliers bring innovative designs to the watering systems industry, for improved, trouble free, performance and to produce the best results that can be achieved from a nipple drinking system.

Climate Control Systems

Climate Control Systems - Based on all possible set ventilation curves, the barn temperature and barn ventilation level, climate control systems manage every possible ventilation systems: ranging from natural to mechanical ventilation, from crest and transversal ventilation to longitudinal ventilation and combinations thereof.


Based on your selection, these computers register temperature, air moisture of the barn, external air, CO2 content, wind speed and the speed of the external air. Based on this data, your animals will always have a perfect climate.

Cage Systems

Cage Systems - Zucami cages are designed under the strictest quality criteria: to provide the birds with the best environment to obtain the best production results. The flexible, uniform and solid surface allow for quick exit of the cleaner eggs free of breakages.


The dividers are in green, giving greater tranquility and less stress in the bird compartment with openings to contribute to maximum interior ventilation.

Nesting Systems

Nesting Systems - Whether it's a conventional poultry nest, with 10 or 12 holes, snug fitting removable galvanized bottoms, and hinged perches for nest close out; or community poultry nests that are hen friendly, water-resistant nests, and easily assembled, Faromor can offer the right nesting solution for your facility.

Poultry Flooring Systems

Flooring Systems - Faromor can supply durable, rugged poultry flooring systems. Valco's new wear resistant, rugged, polypropylene poultry slat is available with either the galvanized metal frame, fiberlgass rail support system, or can be used on a wood frame without doubling the joists.


The slip resistant surface cuts cleaning time and will improve your bio-security since it will not harbour bacteria.

VAL Watering System - to see a video on the VAL watering system, please click here.

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