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Curtain Systems
MaxAir Curtain

MaxAir - This next generation system operates as a single curtain for openings up to 14'. For these larger openings the material rolls on and off an aluminum tube in the center of the opening which keeps the curtain fabric tight in all positions.


The MaxAir curtain is also available with an optional pipe drive operating system that uses a rotating pipe along the top of the curtain with grooved drums for the drop cables. This eliminates the main cable at the top of the system and the pulleys for the drop cables which will lower service and maintenance requirements.

Roll-A-Way curtain (RAW)

Roll-A-Way (RAW) - The RAW curtains have a permanently mounted floating bottom aluminum roller tube. As the curtain lowers from the top down, the excess curtain material continually wraps on the rolling bottom tube, allowing the fabric to stay tight in all positions from fully open to fully closed.


RAW curtains are available in sizes from 3'-10' high and offer wind support with nylon cord or pipe. They can be operated manually with a 3 position switch (open-off-close), or automatically with a Faromor thermostatic controller. This system gives you the ability to maintain your barn environment regardless of the weather.

Roll-A-Way curtain (RAW)

EZ Bottom Roll Up (EZ BRU) - The curtain rolls from the bottom of the opening to the top without the need for cable

and pulley hardware. The re-designed drive units have a cable lift system that ensures a smooth and even roll up at

both ends of the curtain section. End and centre mount drives are available.

The EZ Roll Curtain can be used as a single curtain system or as a split curtain for larger openings.

Bottom Roll-Up Curtain (BRU)

Bottom Roll-Up (BRU) - Curtains open from the bottom up by rolling itself around a bottom attached rotating aluminum pipe. As the pipe rolls the curtain supports the weight of the pipe keeping it under continuous tension. The BRU feature is greatly used on dairy or beef application where animal draft is less critical.


BRU curtains are available in sizes from 3'-12' heights, and offer wind protection with ropes or pipes. Often the BRU is employed as a split curtain, where the bottom BRU remains closed in winter and the top curtain provides the only ventilation.

Top Down Curtain (TD)

Top Down (TD) - Curtains are permanently fastened at the bottom of the opening and lowered (opened) from the top. In cold weather the initial air enters high on the sidewall to ensure ventilation with minimum draft. This economical single curtain system is often employed for dairy and beef cattle housing.


TD curtains are available from 3'-8' heights with a variety of wind protection systems. They are fastened at the bottom, and lower from the top on a cable pulley system. End pockets are fully adjustable making any future repairs easier to manage. They can be operated manually or automatically.

Split Curtain

Split Curtain Systems - A Split Curtain System is used where a single curtain cannot adequately cover the high sidewall opening (12'-18'). Smaller curtains are more convenient to manage, and larger curtains will have the tendency to flap more in the wind resulting in noise and extra wear on the curtain.


Most often, a RAW/BRU or BRU/BRU split curtain is used where the lower curtain is considered a "temporary wall" which is usually down through out most of the winter, and open through out the summer. For this reason the lower curtain is often operated manually whereas the upper curtain is operated automatically.

Vinyl Roller Curtain

Vinyl Roller Curtain (VRC) - This parlour curtain is a heavy duty 18 oz vinyl material installed where the milking parlour and holding area meet and is a rolling curtain attached to an aluminum tube which is either mounted on the ceiling or other framed header area. This material allows for easy wash down and long life expectancy.


The VRC is available in a wide range of colours, and can be run by manual crank at one end of the unit or powered and controlled with a toggle switch located in a convenient area such as the operator pit of the parlour and/or holding area. 

Lift Up Curtain

Lift Up Curtain (LUC) - These curtains are permanently mounted at the top and are lowered via stainless lift cables that pass through grommet tabs which are attached to horizontal pipes running the length of the curtain every 24". This ensures the curtain folds neatly as it is moved into the fully raised position.


The LUC allows for custom sizes with a choice of material (18oz vinyl or 7oz fabrene), and wide variety of colours. It is a popular choice for commodity sheds for both wind and bird control.

Ridge Systems
FRP Chimney

FRP Chimney - Higher air exit velocity of the chimney, achieved with less ridge opening, result in more equal air exchange throughout the structure. 


The FRP Chimney is available in three sizes - 24", 30", and 36" - and has a fully insulated duct section. The large 60" x 60" FRP Chimney's plastic molded roof is the largest in the industry and allows for large coverage to reduce rain and snow entry into the chimney. It can be peak or slope mounted. If dampers are used, they can be joined together in a series and operate either manually or automatically.

Lexan Skylite

Skylight System - The Faromor Skylight System is a fixed mount skylight made from corrugated polycarbonate sheets with aluminum joiners.


This skylight provides natural lighting from the ridge that when combined with the Faromor FRP Chimneys gives you the lighting benefit of an open ridge with the ventilation benefits of an insulated chimney.

Overshot Roof

Overshot Roof - This concept of an open ridge has proven to be effective and is widely employed in the Northeast, USA.


A design limitation is the dependence upon the prevailing wind direction. Sudden changes in wind direction can permit over ventilation and snow entry with negative implications.

Panel Systems
SolarVu Panel

SolarVu Panel - Fabricated from aluminum, these panels are light weight and offer a high quality appearance. The panel tracking system ensures a smooth vertical 'open & close' operation over relatively large uninterrupted openings.


Faromor SolarVu Panels come in heights from 24" - 72", and are popular in dairy facilities, especially in parlours, holding areas and calf barns. They can be operated manually or automatically.

ClearVu Panel

ClearVu Panel - ClearVu Panels offer the same high quality welded aluminum frame and operating hardware as the SolarVu Panels, but are glazed with a crystal clear acrylic sheet making it a popular choice for Tie Stall dairies, as well as parlours and holding areas.


Faromor ClearVu Panels are available in heights from 24" - 72", and can be operated manually or by automatic power drives connected to a thermostat.

Transparent Wall Vent

Transparent Wall Vent - These vents offer the same high light transmission as our ClearVu Panels and are chosen for wall areas that may be interrupted with structural frame, doorways, etc.


They are made from an extruded aluminum frame and clear acrylic, and can be made in custom sizes and custom hinge positions. The wall vents can be operated individually or in series with a variety of operating systems depending on operator or animal movement on the inside of the building.


HVLS Fans - HVLS fans are the ideal solution for cooling and ventilating large open livestock barns that can become stifling on a hot summer day. They also provide an ideal means to distribute warm air from overhead heat systems during the colder months.


Barns with large always-open doors, or an open shed type of construction, can reap the benefits of this efficient and cost effective technology. One AirVolution fan costs about a nickel an hour to operate.

Blast Fans

Blast Fans - This fiberglass housing re-circulating fan is the most powerful and efficient fan available in the market today. The smooth bell shaped intake is designed for optimum performance and is balanced with an exhaust opening for maximum air velocity and distance coverage.


This lightweight fan, available in a variety of sizes, is easier to handle than heavy metal housing fans and designed for the harshest environments.

Cyclone Fans

Cyclone Fans - In dairy barns the Cyclone Fan creates extreme air velocity for cow cooling, drying of bedding, insect control, and employee comfort. The unique air foil deflectors direct the air over and under the cows better than any other fan.


With the optional Variable Frequency Drive you can adjust the fan speed to meet your exact internal environmental requirements for 365 days of the year.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans - When designing a proper ventilation system you want to transition from minimum to maximum ventilation as smoothly as possible. The 72" exhaust fan, with optional Variable Frequency Drive, goes from 19,000 CFM to 48,000 CFM, making it the most versatile fan in the market.


Exhaust fans are ideal for tunnel or exhaust ventilation in dairy facilities.

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