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2079 Line 34, Shakespeare, ON   N0B 2P0

T: 1-800-960-4002

F: 519-625-8966

E: info@faromor.com



Gary Blenkhorn, President and Owner of Faromor Ltd.
Gary Blenkhorn, H.B.A.

Owner and President


T: 519-625-8000 ext. 223

C: 519-301-5072

E: gary@faromor.com

Wayne Blenkhorn, CEO
Wayne Blenkhorn, M.Sc. P.Eng.



T: 519-625-8000 ext. 251

C: 519-404-7866

E: wayne@faromor.com

Rick McBay
Rick McBay

Sales Manager


T: 519-625-8000 ext. 230

C: 519-497-1675

E: rick@faromor.com

Nick Hendry, Operations Manager
Nick Hendry

Operations Manager


T: 519-625-8000 ext. 248

C: 519-275-0878

E: nick@faromor.com

Jonathan DeBrabandere, Sales
Jonathan DeBrabandere



T: 519-625-8000

C: 519-476-4235

E: jonathan@faromor.com

Peter Crough, Shipping and Production Manager
Peter Crough

Shipping and Production Manager


T: 519-625-8000 ext. 232

C: 519-497-1091

E: pete@faromor.com

Murray Logan, Marketing and Advertising
Murray Logan

Marketing and Advertising


T: 519-625-8000

C: 519-830-8609

E: murray@faromor.com

Terry McIntyre, Product Design
Terry McIntyre

Product Design


T: 519-625-8000

C: 519-301-5086

E: terry@faromor.com