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MaxAir Curtain System

EZ Roll Curtains

The curtain rolls from the bottom of the opening to the top without the need for cable and pulley hardware. It can be used as a single curtain system or as a split curtain for larger openings.



Faromor’s Canopy Feed Bunk Cover


Has undergone several design iterations over the years. Our innovative canopy permits exterior bunk or slab feeding  while protecting the cows and feed from harsh winter weather. It also offers an advantage of more interior cow space for either an existing or new barn.




Crave Brothers Dairy Farm

Holstein Association USA pays tribute to dairy farmers from coast to coast during the premiere episode of Holstein America.




MaxAir Curtain System

Introducing the new MaxAir Curtain System


This next generation system operates as a single curtain for openings up to 14 feet. For these larger openings the material rolls on and off an aluminum tube in the center of the opening which keeps the curtain fabric tight in all positions.





Roll-A-Way Cable Drive Operating System


The MaxAir and Roll-A-Way curtains are also available with an optional pipe drive operating sytem that uses a rotating pipe along the top of the curtain with grooved drums for the drop cables. This eliminates the main cable at the top of the system and the pulleys for the drop cables which will lower service and maintenance requirements.




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