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Dual Ventilation Controls

Dual Ventilation Controls - Faromor's line of dual ventilation controls allow you to maintain your barn's environment by controlling both your air intake and exhaust. Whether it be a tunnel operated dairy barn or dual ventilated hog barn, these controls operate both mechanical ventilation systems (fans) with natural ventilation systems (sidewall curtains/panels) to optimize your barn's environment throughout the entire year.

Management Controls

Management Controls - Faromor's extensive line of computer automation have the option of delivering complete management control for your entire facility. From one computer (or even remotely with PDA device) you can manage everything in your facility: feeding and watering, temperature control and adjustment, lighting and reviewing alarm conditions. 

Rain sensor

Natural Ventilation Controls - Faromor's line of ventilation controls can operate your system based on inside temperatures only, or in conjunction with other parameters such as wind speed or direction, rain sensing and even outside temperatures and humidity. There is also the possibility to have these controls operate your supplementary heating and cooling functions if necessary.

Air Circulation Systems

Air Circulation Systems - Faromor, along with our partners, have put together a selection of circulating systems to suit any application. From high speed box and basket style fans to low speed (HVLS) ceiling fans that can be used on their own or in combination with misting or sprinkler cooling systems.

Cross Flow Ventilation

Cross Flow Ventilation - This traditional application of sidewall fans and fresh air intake still has a place in the industry based on certain design applications. It is still commonly used in the hog industry for farrowing and nursery rooms and in 'motel' style finishing layouts. In addition, cross flow ventilation systems are now being developed for large dairy facilities wishing to take advantage of the smaller footprint provided by extra wide buildings. In warmer climates this cross flow system can be combined with evaporative cooling pads for additional hot weather comfort.

Dual Ventilation

Dual Ventilation - This ventilation system was developed to further increase ventilation control in applications where sensitive livestock or extreme cold weather conditions are a factor. By adding fans to the ridge chimneys and fresh air inlets on the ceiling, the power ventilation can be used until outside conditions allow the sidewall panels to open safely. This system allows you the efficiency and benefits of natural ventilation in warmer weather, but more reliable ventilation when exterior weather is extremely cold or species particularly sensitive.

Tunnel Ventilation

Tunnel Ventilation - The combination of large diameter exhaust fans and Faromor insulated panel inlet systems allow for the design of tunnel ventilation systems used in both the poultry and dairy industries. This system allows for additional animal comfort in hot conditions by generating high velocity air flow over the livestock. Faromor has designed inlet systems that allow both interior and exterior mounting along with end to end and side to side designs.

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