Agri-Industry Applications

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Faromor has the products and experience to successfully ventilate free stall, tie stall, calf housing, dry cow/heifer, and milking center facilities. A successful design must deal with extremes of hot summer temperatures as well as cold, windy winter days.

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Whether it's as complex as in floor heating for a broiler barn, ventilating a layer barn with manure drying, or simply upgrading some components, Faromor has a proven past as a supplier of ventilation, heating and computer systems for the poultry industry.

Acceptance of full Natural and Combi Ventilation Systems is widespread, offering increased availability of natural light, quiet and brighter environments with lower operating cost. Power ventilation solutions are also part of our product line.

Faromor's product line fulfills the ventilation needs of all types of agri-businesses - goat, horse, beef, rabbit etc.  Speak to one of our sales reps to see what we can do for you.

From the basic temperature controlled automation system to the high end environmental control system, Faromor has a wide range of automation controls to keep your environment at optimum levels.


Ask a Faromor representative which power system - Air Circulation, Cross Flow Ventilation, Dual Ventilation, Tunnel Ventilation - is right for your operation.

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