In 1978, Faromor Ltd began manufacturing and marketing natural ventilation for the agricultural industry.                   Today, Faromor has become well known for quality natural ventilation systems worldwide. With a strong emphasis on product development and quality, Faromor continues to refine and enhance their product offering. Faromor has clearly adapted to all types of livestock and poultry housing needs. Faromor welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your facilities design offering economical ventilation solutions that are best suited for optimum animal and operator comfort.   You'll find useful information on Faromor's line up of quality products here. For further information or assistance with                your specific building requirements, please contact one of Faromor's helpful sales consultants at:                                                                                 1-800-960-4002 or write us at

Simply. Comfortable. Livestock.

 When designing ventilation systems today for a new or existing dairy barn, you cannot afford to overlook your return on investment.
Faromor has been designing quality ventilation systems for every type of livestock facility known, both here in Canada and around the world in 24 different countries.
Their"No more, No less" approach has proven to be the test of time.
With an ever increasing trend to alternatively ventilated dairy barns, customers must be made aware of their increased cost of production.
There's a place for different types of ventilation technology, but only if it is done in harmony and designed to benefit you and your livestock.
Energy efficiency is revelant to any dairy operation. Let the Faromor group of ventilation specialists share their wealth of design experience with you.
  Simply. Comfortable. Cows.

Healthy Environment and

Optimal Production

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