Biogas - The agriculture industry has expanded its thinking and now considers livestock and poultry waste as an energy source in addition to its continued value as a fertilizer for future crops. The production of biogas from anaerobic digestion on the farm is an initial step that produces fuel for co-generation of heat and electricity that may be used on the farm or delivered to the public power grid. Other technologies can be employed that remove impurities from the biogas resulting in a product referred to as biomethane which is equivalent to propane or natural gas as an energy source.

Faromor Inc, in partnership with its sister company Stonecrest Engineering, is exploring opportunities with our farm business clients to include these renewable energy technologies that reduce emissions and encourage sound environmental stewardship to be an integral component of their farm plans. Our primary focus is on generating energy self sufficiency in their operations through the conversion of animal and feed wastes, failed crops, crop residues and energy crops to marketable green energy products. Alternative opportunities are explored to market excess energy for highest value returns such as livestock bedding, horticultural soil enhancements, mobile fuels, peat substitutes and other products that are currently being researched rigorously.